Update 14.0.2 - 24th of June 2014


  • SB-4996 Fixed display of country in parent directory
  • SB-5035 Fixed staff directory when external DB is offline
  • SB-5057 Fixed URL on Due Work component when used by staff
  • SB-4999 Fixed invalid addresses in Synergetic displaying in Schoolbox
  • SB-5038 Allowed the use of either /login or /login/ to access the login screen
  • SB-5031 Fixed error with validation when emailing students on the class list, only affected some browsers
  • SB-5032 Fixed email from class so it is only available when you have a valid email address


  • SB-5055 Fixed output of plagscan pending status on student submission list
  • SB-5047 Altered semester filtering of quizzes to use finish date on submissions page, now consistent with due work
  • SB-5036 Altered Most Recent Submissions to only show submissions in the last 6 months
  • SB-4954 Fixed redirect after deleting a student's submission
  • SB-5049 Fixed email failures causing the instant notifications to not be sent
  • SB-5050 Fixed rubric edit so it returns to submission list, rather than itself
  • SB-5073 Fixed marking a rubric, clears comment field, comment field has been added to rubric grading screen


  • SB-5052 Fixed the playback of videos and the display


  • SB-5054 Fixed link to incorrect user profile in ePortfolio comments

Resource Booking

  • SB-4841 Added resources now indicate room status by letting user know the management status
  • SB-4846 Added titles to bookings
  • SB-5060 Fixed cancellations on the edit resource booking page
  • SB-5066 Added the ability for external systems to provide times for a booking


  • SB-5011 EOTC: Prefill resource booking name with EOTC event name
  • SB-5007 EOTC: Layout improvements for the modify status page
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