Update 14.0.3 - 1st of July 2014


  • SB-5095 Fixed students were duplicated in Class List when multiple codes with same students used
  • SB-4564 Worked around issue with webdav on IIS not recognising '+' in folder names
  • SB-5091 Fixed issue redirecting to group management when creating a new folder
  • SB-5086 Fixed display of teachers on student profile when using Synergetic campus codes


  • SB-5105 Fixed issue on submission list when class page had been deleted


  • SB-5125 Fixed buttons not appearing on ePortfolio components when they are first added
  • SB-5106 Fixed issue with default campus being unavailable on certain users

Resource Booking

  • SB-4987 Improved book via timetable on create resource booking to use tabs
  • SB-4840 Added 'approved by' to calendar popup
  • SB-5137 Fixed "reviewed by" shows up even for events that aren't bookings


  • SB-5090 Fixed issue with submission box notifier on update
  • SB-5089 Fixed issue with event notifier when events are all day
  • SB-5088 Fixed issue with social stream notifications returning inconsistent users
  • SB-5087 Removed schedule queue persistence as we no longer use it
  • SB-5077 Create RabbitRepair tool for when the message queue gets to hard to handle
  • SB-5076 Fixed messaging disable config setting so it works
  • SB-5026 Ensure daemons still output errors when verbosity is off
  • SB-5103 Stop notifcations being raised when someone visits a page
  • SB-5098 Fixed issue with wiki update messages


  • SB-4881 Tintern - Removed parent contact details from profile
  • SB-4974 TIGS - Added Read More... on Dashboard News
  • SB-4696 TIGS - Improve Files and Links Component Spacing
  • SB-5028 Scotch Oakburn - Fixed colour of addresses in email form show
  • SB-4898 FGS - Added Network Drives configuration
  • SB-5082 St Kevins - Side Menu title overlaps menu items
  • SB-5058 St Kevins - Split Years 3-6 Role into separate year based roles
  • SB-4994 St Kevins - Skinning of Syn Parent Portal (v65)
  • SB-4986 Toowoomba - Renamed ePortfolio to MY iSTEP
  • SB-5029 JPC - Resize login image
  • SB-5072 EOTC: Background colour of the status bar on status modify page is not being set
  • SB-4892 SPAGS: Create Schoolbox Skin
  • SB-4059 TIGS - Added Edumate mark syncronisation
  • SB-4764 Loreto: Decrease the size of the login image
  • SB-5146 MGS - Sport fix hardcoded db references
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