Update 14.0.4 - 10th of July 2014


  • SB-5141 Fixed admin config setting 'Edit others news posts'
  • SB-5193 Fixed inaccessible log file failing causing files to be undownloadable
  • SB-5205 Fixed unable to view alternate source resource browser on SSL pages


  • SB-5116 Fixed deleting a file opening a new tab in resource browser
  • SB-5204 Fixed opening links from Microsoft document caused errors
  • SB-4851 Made dashboard timetable show everything even if its to big for the screen
  • SB-5112 Fixed student My Subject links if class exists in multiple campus
  • SB-4951 Improved printing of parent directory, removed search form
  • SB-5171 Fixed our grammar on the calendar dashboard
  • SB-5128 Fixed mathematical formulas disappears from text box


  • SB-5169 Fixed an error editing rubric when no comment has been set
  • SB-5223 Fixed issue rendering the border in the last row in a Rubric


  • SB-4074 Improved width of url input boxes
  • SB-5225 Fixed breadcrumb title not changing


  • SB-4899 Disabled caching which was causing "Error loading resource" message on iPhone after version change
  • SB-5129 Fixed issue login to mobile due to Active Directory failure


  • SB-5155 Fixed socketd dies and leaves a child worker at 100% if verbose not enabled
  • SB-5173 Fixed issue with messages being sent to users no longer eligible to receive them
  • SB-5062 Fixed incorrect email subject for "Update homepage content" messages
  • SB-5027 Added better shutdown handling of threaded daemons
  • SB-5174 Improved CMS messages to better link and describe changes


  • SB-5123 Fixed image lightbox function on ePortfolio landing page


  • SB-5203 Fixed missing borders on events in week view

Resource Booking

  • SB-4971 Add the ability for students to book some resources
  • SB-5151 Fixed issues adding a resource booking
  • SB-5152 Improved styling when using timetable or time to book a resource
  • SB-5217 Fixed duplicate bookings get created at end of recurrence period
  • SB-5215 Fixed updating the booking name on save
  • SB-5167 Fixed sort order on resource lists to ensure you see items you just created
  • SB-5118 Altered approval message to link to the resource calendar
  • SB-5119 Fixed error in approval message for a cancelled resource booking
  • SB-5213 Fixed apostrophes in resource booking names not displaying correctly


  • SB-5188 EOTC: Fixed staff unrelated to the EOTC process have access to update/delete an event
  • SB-5186 EOTC: Allow EOTC creator to move even from In Principle to the next state
  • SB-5184 JPC: Remove parents forgotten password link
  • SB-5176 SPAGS: Fixed the display height of the swirl on the left to a specific height
  • SB-5162 SPAGS: Fixed Side Menu at St Pauls Anglican Grammar
  • SB-5161 SPAGS: Fixed unable to view any Save Buttons
  • SB-5163 SPAGS: Fixed "Read All Messages" is not appearing in dropdown because of text colour
  • SB-5034 IGGS: Implemented skin
  • SB-4201 IGGS: Prevent news articles displaying photos
  • SB-5212 StCatherines: Text on dashboard config hard to read
  • SB-5008 StCatherines: Dashboard image scroller component
  • SB-5075 STK: Create css style in skin for custom buttons
  • SB-5185 TIGS: Dashboard My Subjects missing image for some classes
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