Update 14.0.8 - 6th of August 2014


  • SB-5365 Fixed log pagination that had gone missing
  • SB-4556 Improved failure message when SAML signing certificates do not match
  • SB-5315 Fixed issue where message status was not correctly updating in admin system when config was changed


  • SB-5251 Fixed staff department not shown when no role was set on the staff directory


  • SB-5368 Fixed deleted submissions still adding to submission counts
  • SB-5329 Fixed surveys are appearing in teachers submission page
  • SB-5394 Fixed issue with inline grading not working when student had ' in their name
  • SB-5323 Fixed issue with submission status options not being saved on grade and rubric mark types
  • SB-5415 Fixed breadcrumb link on view submission linking to wrong semester


  • SB-5369 Disabled video preloading to work around issues with Safari and Firefox
  • SB-5321 Fixed several issues with colours on homepages not displaying correctly
  • SB-5346 Fixed issue when creating new polls, when a poll already exists on the page
  • SB-5391 Fixed issue when a teacher modifies a class page it may remove the class code
  • SB-5392 Fixed issue that prevented a homepage being completely reverted to a folder


  • SB-5348 Fixed issue editing calendar items that belonged to deleted users


  • SB-5398 Optimised notifications on legacy objects to reduce load on database
  • SB-5326 Added the ability for the socket server to reclaim resources if they are no longer being used
  • SB-5366 Detuned IE9 fallback to reduce load on server
  • SB-5395 Improved socket servers ability to detect expired sessions and stop them from connecting

Resource Booking

  • SB-4758 Renamed dashboard component label from day to Day


  • SB-5385 Kings: Fixed side menu displaying 'My' before the correct title
  • SB-5371 Bialik: Updated sync so all users send mail with their own client
  • SB-5279 EOTC: Notification changes after workflow changes
  • SB-5234 StMichaels: Detention notification component for dashboard


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