Update 14.0.9 - 19th of August 2014


  • SB-5480 Fixed issue filtering login report by username


  • SB-5444 Fixed issue viewing all homepage news search results
  • SB-5343 Video streaming reduced to 720p to improve device compatibility
  • SB-5466 Reinstated security check to stop non-superuser's deleting folders with subfolders
  • SB-5433 Added time limit to video transcoding to prevent perpetual encoding
  • SB-5475 Stopped guest accounts being able to see parents contact details on profile pages
  • SB-5477 Stopped searches less than 3 characters as it was returning too many results
  • SB-5505 Fixed Synergetic Community Portal sometimes being slow to automatically login


  • SB-5455 Fixed due work not showing on homepage after student submission, even with multiple submissions allowed
  • SB-5447 Fixed missing upload button for returning due work in some cases
  • SB-5400 Fixed incorrect overall mark when rubrics were marked multiple times
  • SB-5418 Fixed error when adding a course outline after a previous one had been removed


  • SB-5378 Allowed non-alphanumeric illegal characters in Twitter hashtag searches
  • SB-5427 Fixed image slideshow showing above the notifications drop down
  • SB-5445 Fixed the Clickview component only being able to use the embed specific code
  • SB-5421 Fixed chat message being cut short if over 255 characters
  • SB-5133 Fixed chat state drop down showing as active when inactive


  • SB-5405 Fixed first day of calendar showing next month's events


  • SB-5474 Fixed message queue not being processed due to broken messages
  • SB-5470 Fixed overdue submission box messages not appearing due
  • SB-5456 Updated upstream library to fix multiple connection and socket issues
  • SB-5436 Fixed IE9 fallback from causing errors when they have no valid session
  • SB-5457 Reduced memory load by dropping persistent connections sooner
  • SB-5375 Fixed messages not processing due to connection drops to other services
  • SB-5483 TASS - Fixed binding users due to missing session


  • SB-5411 Fixed error accessing showcased work when only last semester's work is showcased
  • SB-5425 Fixed parents seeing links to subject homepages they do not have access to

Resource Booking

  • SB-5500 Fixed incorrect handling of timetable period times
  • SB-5493 Fixed non-superuser's not being able to see future timetables
  • SB-5406 Fixed choosing a room without an active timetable causing an error


  • SB-5384 Meriden: Fixed search box missing transparency
  • SB-5305 Shore: Change webmail URL for Staff
  • SB-5390 Winifred: Disable webmail for year 5 and below students
  • SB-5429 JPC: Add forgotten / unlock password link on login page
  • SB-5301 JPC: Fixed apple icon missing
  • SB-5284 Loreto: MAZE - fixed display of staff subjects correctly
  • SB-5496 Loreto: MAZE - Fixed display of timetable on weekends
  • SB-5283 Loreto: MAZE - Fixed display of timetables
  • SB-5460 Loreto: Update component header bar styling
  • SB-5344 Genazzano: Fixed mobile header colour
  • SB-5345 SPAGS: Fixed mobile header colour
  • SB-5401 EOTC: Fixed updating an event losing the second staff member
  • SB-5499 EOTC: Workflow improvements to the event modify form
  • SB-5495 EOTC: Add additional inline help for forms
  • SB-5424 Fintona: Re-add forgotten password link to login page
  • SB-5459 Arden: New skin
  • SB-5380 St Michaels: Design for detention component
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    Joanne Robinson

    The question has been asked by management, can we access a parents/past parents Compass communications if we are subpoenaed?

    If the need arose, am I able to submit a ticket to restore a parent's Compass account?

    Kind regards

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