Version 14 - Major Features


   *Notifications alert in top menu

As schools increasingly rely on Schoolbox to let them know what is going on, we needed a centralised way to communicate all the activities occurring in the system. We now have a central notification system that can be configured both at a school level and by the user themselves. Allowing you to customise exactly what you would like to be notified about and when, all while respecting what the school requires you to know about.

This allows a lot greater control over the types of notifications that users receive. Some of the new notifications you can expect to see in this update include; Notifying parents of overdue work. Updates when people are responding to your blog or forum posts. Updates when students complete your assessments or submit work. When users join or request membership to groups you manage.

   *Take action on new activity via the Notifications menu or mark them off as 'read'.

The highlight of this system is the new notification panel where notifications will appear in realtime as actions occur. This area will keep track of the notifications you have read and those you have not.

For users who are not in the system all the time you can configure email notifications or digest emails to keep your users up to date with what they are missing out while they are not in Schoolbox.

In future releases we will also extend this functionality to mobile and other messaging systems to ensure your users never miss out on the activity occurring in Schoolbox.

Inline grading

Schoolbox now when ever possible allows you to view student work directly in the browser. We have implemented special handlers for Text, HTML, Images and Video so that you no longer need to download these items before grading. You can now view the work directly in your browser and mark the work alongside. As an additional bonus, we have include the ability for Schoolbox to open Word, Powerpoint and PDF files in Crocodoc. This system allows you to view, annotate and comment, directly on the documents in the browser.

Resource booking

An often requested feature, the resource booking system module will allow you to manage all your rooms and resources in a single unified system. Of course it is integrated into the existing Schoolbox calendar and is aware of your school timetable bookings.

The resource booking system will be provided as an additional module and will be available on request to all Schoolbox customers. If you would like more information about its specific functionality please contact us.

Collaborative Documents

   *Realtime Collaborative Documents

A few years ago our wiki feature allowed students to work collaboratively on documents. However in the classroom context, students were constantly overwriting each others changes. Today we can now allow real-time document edits so you can watch your students input content directly into the document. Have your whole classroom editing a document in real-time and watch as the characters appear right before your eyes. Once the assignment is complete you can lock the document and preserve its state.

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