Update 14.0.1 - 18th June 2014


  • SB-4950 - Fixed notifications coming through as already read
  • SB-4977 - Fixed class name collision
  • SB-4993 - Created tool to convert audio in Schoolbox to mp3
  • SB-5017 - Fixed possible issues with image transformations on their first load
  • SB-5024 - Fixed another class name collision


  • SB-4623 - Fixed bulk uploading of large folder structures
  • SB-4942 - Fixed display of calendar subscriptions in admin section


  • SB-4984 - Fixed archived status of news items that expire today


  • SB-4965 - Fixed output of special characters in resource browser


  • SB-4717 - Added form validation to Create Collab Doc form
  • SB-4990 - Fixed template errors when certain combination of components is on homepage
  • SB-4992 - Fixed homepages with blog comments


  • SB-4197 - Added table sorter to survey respondents page
  • SB-4528 - Improved visibility icons for Report Card Comments
  • SB-4913 - Fixed output of deleted Plagscan documents
  • SB-4943 - Fixed alignment of grade drop downs in Firefox
  • SB-4988 - Improved messages in survey review when the survey isn't finished
  • SB-5009 - Fixed survey report graphs when two questions are the same


  • SB-4991 - Ensured date objects passed in scheduler are consistent

Course Builder

  • SB-4962 - Fixed copy of rubrics from due work items when they are exported to classes

Resource Booking

  • SB-4780 - Implemented pagination for lists of resources and categories
  • SB-4979 - Fixed update of booking date
  • SB-4980 - Fixed save of field name
  • SB-5023 - Fixed paginator when there's no items on the page

Other Client Tasks

  • SB-4578 - Cedars: ensured class lists ordered by name
  • SB-4581 - Bialik: Updated Papercut API Integration
  • SB-4871 - Peninsula: Created SSO with MSA system via credential pass thru
  • SB-4920 - JPC: Repositioned footer content on login screen
  • SB-4936 - Northcote: Fixed sync of second parent
  • SB-4976 - Northcote: Updated sync to make use of LISS
  • SB-4989 - Northcote: fixed include of PhpXmlRpc library
  • SB-4818 - Loreto: Fixed email of parents through the class list
  • SB-5003 - Loreto: ensured class list doesn't show left students
  • SB-5015 - Loreto: customised profile screen and added additional MAZE data
  • SB-3799 - EOTC - Linked EOTC to Resource Booking
  • SB-4972 - EOTC - Fixed saving of EOTC events
  • SB-4975 - EOTC - Added resource bookings to edit event screen
  • SB-5013 - EOTC - Added linked resource information on the modify status page
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