Update 14.0.5 - 17th of July 2014


  • SB-5237 Allow backups without the data directory


  • SB-5143 Removed link to group admin on unmanaged groups
  • SB-4956 Fixed multiple file upload in Firefox, by removing file filters
  • SB-5130 Fixed modify filename on WebDAV servers
  • SB-5104 Fixed issue with incorrectly formatted RSS time formats
  • SB-4062 Increased right margin on search field
  • SB-5247 Add links for settings, logout and profile to all skins
  • SB-5224 Fixed issue with admin colours in skin template


  • SB-5275 Fixed today's events showing events for the entire month
  • SB-5207 Fixed calendar homepage component filter can never be a year
  • SB-5122 Fixed strike through on completed tasks


  • SB-5248 Fixed some due work items not appearing on homepage component
  • SB-5258 Fixed due work events in calendar showing a <br>
  • SB-5229 Fixed setting of quiz due date to align with end of course


  • SB-5261 Removed notifications for submission boxes created in course builder
  • SB-5201 Allow socketd to continue on receive data error
  • SB-5244 Fixed scheduled gets stuck on no queue error
  • SB-5245 Fixed scheduled dies if object was deleted
  • SB-5236 Fixed issue with textbox modification message
  • SB-5240 Fixed poorly formatted date on messages list

Resource Booking

  • SB-5252 Fixed timetable integration to Edumate


  • SB-5239 JPC: Fixed login screen does not scale correctly on mobile
  • SB-3992 Genazzano: Added Synergetic sync script
  • SB-4344 EOTC: TIC should be able to review and modify EOTC events like a co-owner
  • SB-5264 EOTC: Changed state names
  • SB-5216 EOTC: Fixed issue with EVENT_NOTE variable
  • SB-5238 St Patricks: Fixed sync failing on house creation
  • SB-5235 SPAGS: Fixed issue with styling on notifications drop-down
  • SB-5059 MGGS: Updated Active History password
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