Update 14.0.6 - 24th of July 2014


  • SB-5332 Reduced CPU priority for background tasks
  • SB-5293 Fixed issue if RabbitMQ server is offline, Schoolbox can still operate
  • SB-5285 Fixed sync scripts failing to complete due to RabbitMQ running out of file descriptors


  • SB-5316 Fixed link to subjects from profile page when no campus code available
  • SB-5266 Fixed news digest email incorrectly referencing spacer.gif
  • SB-5302 Fixed attendances is not using the correct Synergetic Campus


  • SB-5307 Fixed grade data not being saved in its complete format, no data loss cosmetic only.
  • SB-5189 Fixed issue where work due last semester but graded this semester was not visible
  • SB-5298 Fixed viewing video files in old submission boxes
  • SB-5276 Fixed fatal error appearing when attempting to access due work that a removed user had submitted


  • SB-5295 Fixed logrotation to avoid issues with daemons holding on to logs

Boarder Leave

  • SB-5267 Fixed student search to only show boarding students


  • SB-5282 TPS: Sync to enable External Mail Client for Academic and non-academic staff
  • SB-5292 Loreto: Fixed missing period 7 from timetables
  • SB-5231 Bialik: Schoolbox version display on login screen
  • SB-5142 MGGS: Boarder Leave Module modifications
  • SB-5299 Donvale: Altered parents group in sync script
  • SB-5317 EOTC: Non-RAMS event is incorrectly set to status Details Completed
  • SB-5273 EOTC: Fixes on the eotc review page
  • SB-5274 EOTC: TIC should be able to access the events he is involved in
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