Update 14.0.10 - 26th of August 2014


  • SB-5352 Fixed issue displaying teachers with a 0 external ID profile
  • SB-4925 Added Single Logout (SLO) for SAML to fix ADFS logout errors
  • SB-5530 Fixed print style sheet going missing in last build


  • SB-5469 Fixed redirection following deleting a student's showcased work
  • SB-5548 Fixed missing newlines in blog comments
  • SB-5478 When guests login they can see links to ePortfolios


  • SB-5465 Stopped message queue setup occurring during sync scripts
  • SB-5534 Fixed error when sending digest emails
  • SB-5525 Fixed issue with structure of event message
  • SB-5099 Fixed issue with social stream message
  • SB-5526 Fixed issue writing errors to already closed connections
  • SB-5504 Fixed websocket port when system running on non-standard ports
  • SB-5524 Fixed missing join in quiz object
  • SB-5521 Ensure old workers get properly retired
  • SB-5471 Fixed construction of resource booking message, ensure correct date used


  • SB-5414 TAC - Implement custom login screen
  • SB-5512 MEGGS - Implement skin
  • SB-5513 MEGGS - Implement mobile skin
  • SB-5522 Arden - Update Side menu at Arden to say 'My Arden'
  • SB-5546 Arden - Update Arden Skin and resolve bugs
  • SB-5063 Loreto - Senior Library Design
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