How can I trial and demo Schoolbox?

How to trial Schoolbox

Trialling Schoolbox is an important step in the assessment process as it provides an opportunity to get hands-on and experience all the functionality available.

We have three options for helping you trial Schoolbox:

  • Sandbox
  • Trial
  • Install (recommended)

Which trial is best for me? (Sandbox, Trial, Install)

Why should I choose a sandbox?

  • Free to play.
  • Want to compare functionality with other systems.
  • Prefer a system pre-configured and integrated ready to go with demo data.

Why should I choose a trial?

  • Prefer to experience the system integrated on-site with your own data, student information system and LDAP service.
  • Want to trial Schoolbox in one or two classes, choosing to include additional administrative staff and a couple of technically savvy teachers who don’t require training to further assess.
  • Prefer to customise the framework to your specific needs without pre-loaded demo data. This customisation can then be rolled into your install if you choose to continue using Schoolbox after the trial.
  • Happy with a limited 3 month trial and a small fee for setup. This fee is deducted from the annual license fee if you proceed..
  • Understand that the trial will not have access to all additional modules.
  • Understand that the benefits of our full installation project and some of the deployment items (such as backups, user synchronisation scripts) are not included in the trial (see table below).

Why should I choose a full installation (recommended)?

  • Prefer the benefit of a fully managed installation and roll-out project to set your school up for success.
  • Require alignment to your schools strategic goals as you thoroughly assess Schoolbox.
  • Would like access to all modules including mobile, cheat checker, inline grader, resource booking and boarder leave management.
  • Prefer support through our proven roll out strategy.
  • Require training and workshops including kick-off meeting, strategy consultation, on-site executive workshops, IT training and champion teacher training.
  • Understand the optional 6 month billing cycle means you can trial obligation free.
  • Prefer to experience the system integrated on-site with your own data, student information system and LDAP service.
  • Require our full deployment and configuration process including setup of backups, user synchronisation scripts, single-sign-on, network drives.
  • Prefer a custom designed theme for your instance with your school branding and colours and you can choose your own URL.
  • Prefer a complete licence with unlimited access to our support team and software updates.
  • Want to join the Schoolbox community and start transforming your school.

Comparison table

Services includedTrialInstallation
On-site deployment Tick-icon.png Tick-icon.png
Support and help-desk Tick-icon.png Tick-icon.png
Integration with your student information system Tick-icon.png Tick-icon.png
Integration with LDAP (ActiveDirectory) Tick-icon.png Tick-icon.png
Setup of system backups   Tick-icon.png
Single-sign-on (SSO)   Tick-icon.png
User sync script (to reduce overhead of system management and ensure new users are auto created in SB and existing user's groups and details are updated)   Tick-icon.png
Integration of network and home drives   Tick-icon.png
Design of a custom theme for your instance with your school branding and colours and you can choose your own URL   Tick-icon.png
Access to feature: Mobile Tick-icon.png Tick-icon.png
Access to feature: Cheat checker   Tick-icon.png
Access to feature: Inline grader   Tick-icon.png
Access to feature: Resource booking   Tick-icon.png
Access to feature: Boarder leave management   Tick-icon.png
Project management, ongoing consulting and strategy development   Tick-icon.png
Kick-Off meeting to align project goals and objectives, plan timelines and set things the right direction.   Tick-icon.png
Executive stakeholder training to bring executive and key stakeholders into the project, gathering policy requirements, aligning project to exec goals. etc.   Tick-icon.png
IT/Admin/Resource training and guidance on finer grained system configuration and information architecture.   Tick-icon.png
Champion teacher training - hands on workshops to a larger set of initial users.   Tick-icon.png
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