Will Schoolbox integrate with my existing systems?

Too many logins, duplicated data and disparate systems are headaches schools can avoid.

That is why our team focus on creating industry leading real-time (live) integration with many of your existing systems. Real time integration enables teachers to view SIS data including staff and student information, parent contacts, class enrolment, timetables and much more right within Schoolbox.


Schoolbox provides out of the box integration with a number of existing school systems. These include:

  • Popular student information systems (SIS) and school management systems (SMS)
    • Synergetic (Real-time integration not a data sync)
    • Denbigh (Real-time integration not a data sync)
    • Edumate (Real-time integration not a data sync)
    • Maze (Real-time integration not a data sync)
    • TASS (Real-time integration not a data sync)
    • SchoolPro (Real-time integration not a data sync)
    • Cases21
    • Custom SIS and Synchronised CSV
  • Timetabling systems
    • EdVal
    • Timetabler
    • First Class
    • Manual exports such as CSV
  • SSO
  • LDAP
  • webmail
  • vCal
  • WebDAV


If your systems are not already supported, we’ll connect them. No integration is too hard. Pull down the barriers, avoid duplication and integrate your existing data straight into Schoolbox.

Embed media from other sources

With support for countless embeddable content providers such as Clickview, YouTube and Khan Academy, your teachers can bring the tools they love right into Schoolbox.

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