Glossary of Schoolbox Terms!

Homepage a page in Schoolbox you can add components to.
Folder a place to store homepages and files in that does not have a visible homepage in Schoolbox.
Class Page a page that is shared between a class of students and their teacher.
Course Page a page that displays information about a course (eg. Year 9 Science).
Unit Page a page that sits underneath a course page and has information students need about a unit of work the are studying. The unit page has a course builder component on it.
Group Page a page that is created for groups within a school (eg. Marine Biology Club, Senior Boys Basketball Team, etc.) where permissions are set up for specific users.
Component a widget that is added to a homepage to show information.
Course Builder

a component that is used to create units of work in a course. The course builder is used on unit pages.

NOTE: The course builder component is not visible on the course page for anyone with read access to the page (i.e. students and parents).
Course Outline a component that shows a course to students. The course outline is used on the class page and gives students their work to complete on the class page.
Side Menu the menu on the left side of the page. This is customised by your school.
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