Group Pages

A group page in Schoolbox is a page that is set up and individual users are added. Group pages are different to other pages as they have individual permissions assigned to them. This means that instead of giving permissions to different roles (Teachers, Senior Students, etc.) permissions are given to individual users.


Group pages can be used in Schoolbox for any group within a school. Some examples of these are:

  • Extra-curricular Groups
  • Committees
  • Pastoral Groups
  • House Groups
  • Interest Groups


There are 3 types of group pages you can create in Schoolbox:

Free: any user can view the page and join the group

Moderated: any user can view the name of the group and ask to join. The group admin will then accept or decline their request.

Restricted: the group page is not visible to users until they are added by the group admin.


NOTE: If you want to set up a page that is visible to all users and is not for a group within your school, you should not create a group page. You should create a homepage and assign role permissions.

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