Does Schoolbox have Onenote integration?

We have just recently added Onedrive support into Schoolbox, this allows you to post Onenote files to Schoolbox directly from your cloud storage. Microsoft has announced they are working on further APIs to allow us to control sharing of Onenote files with the class. When these become available (expected September) we will work quickly to allow teachers to share a Onenote to their class in Schoolbox and then let all the students access that live cloud document. You can expect this early 2016.

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    Matt Ralph

    Hi Anna,
    Have you seen this article:
    Allows you to use your OneNote Class Notebook in an LMS
    Gives you a consumer key and a shared secret when you log in with your Office 365 credentials
    I'll try and se if it works already on our dev site - but if you know any more about this, let me know as we are heavy OneNote users looking for a better place to store OneNote files than in OneDrive for Business which is laggy cause our 365 servers are still in Singapore, no date when they'll be moved to Australian data centre

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    Anna Hindson

    Sounds cool Matt. I don't know heaps about this. How did you go testing it? :)

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