Embedding Content in Schoolbox

In Schoolbox you can take content from other web applications/websites and put it on your  Schoolbox homepage. This is called embedding media. You can do this with any web application or website that provides you with an embed code. Once you have embedded content into Schoolbox, if you make changes they will automatically be made in Schoolbox too.


1. Select the plus button in the top right corner to access the components menu.


2. Drag the text box component to where you would like your embedded media to appear.


3. Select 'Create' in the text box component.


4. Select the show/hide toolbars icon.


5. Select the HTML icon.


6. Paste your embed code into the text area.


7. Select 'Update'.

NOTE: If you make width='100%' in the embed code, whatever you are embedding will stretch to the width of the component. We recommend doing this. 


8. Select 'Save Document'. 


9. Your embedded content will now appear.

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    Sean Richards

    Also note: For security purposes Schoolbox does not allow random applications and code to be embedded directly into WYSIWYG content areas. These pose a risk to all users of the system if malicious code is embedded into Schoolbox.

    To avoid this risk Schoolbox provides a whitelist of supported applications that can be embedded. This list is updated as new services are added: http://wiki.schoolbox.com.au/index.php/Embed_media_from_other_sources

    Schoolbox administrators can now also add additional whitelisted embed codes via the admin system. If you add any new embed codes that would be useful to all schools let us know so we can incorporate them.


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