Schoolbox News & the News Digest Email


The news feature in Schoolbox is used to share news with members of a school community. News in Schoolbox is tailored to the role and campus of a user. This allows schools to only send news that is relevant to its users.


With evolving technologies, 21st century learners, teachers, staff, and parents are requiring more instant access to information than a periodic newsletter can provide them. For this reason, schools are moving away from the more traditional idea of a school newsletter and posting all news and information in the news area of Schoolbox. This allows Schoolbox users instant access to all news and events that are relevant to them without relying on a periodic newsletter.


In the transitional phase of moving from a school newsletter, schools often send users a periodic news digest email. A news digest email is an email that a school can set up to send to certain users at certain times. This news digest email contains all news and information that the user has missed in Schoolbox for that period of time. The purpose of this news digest email is not to replicate a school newsletter, but to remind and encourage users to come back into Schoolbox to access all relevant news and information. The aim for a lot of schools is to eventually be able to switch off this email digest and have users continuously logging into Schoolbox to access news and information without the prompt of an email.

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