Cannot highlight text with Inline Grader (Crocodoc) on MS Surface Pro or Lenova Yogay (touch)

Message from the Crocodoc team

"Our engineering team have said that it looks like this issue is isolated to two particular models of computers. Unfortunately they are not going to be addressing the issue you have seen in your document's conversion on Crocodoc. Presently they are focusing their development efforts on the [Box View API] ( (Crocodoc V2) and are not fixing document specific issues on Crocodoc. I have gone ahead and filed a case to our engineering team to make sure that this specific issue is fixed in Box View.

They are currently developing [annotations and a migration tool] ( to transition existing documents over from Crocodoc to View. Once the tools are complete you should get notification from us, at which point we recommend moving over to View.

In the mean time, our engineering team have recommended that affected users, should use a different model of computer where this issue does not occur.

Apologies for any inconvenience!

Box User Services"

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